I discovered Luna Rey's granola while in Austin last summer visiting friends.  I bought a few different ones just to try it and especially loved the Lucuma Pecan.  So much so that I'm now having it shipped to me in Colorado! -- Deborah Crowley


David and Diane make beautiful granola. Luna Rey once got me and a crew through two grueling 14-hour days shooting a video. Eating it by the handful. Thanks Luna Rey! -- Devin James Frey


I have been buying Luna Rey Granola from David and Diane for several months.  It is my favorite granola on the market.  It is light, tasty, and goes well on yogurt, or even as a topping on ice cream or pie.  Yes, I eat it for breakfast, snacks, and dessert. -- Douglas Soltau


Luna Rey granola is the best -- it's absolutely delicious and made with quality ingredients. The cherry pistachio is the perfect melody of flavors! I eat it almost every morning and find it to be an excellent gift. I enjoy supporting this local business and it's fun to find them at local farmers markets! -- Camron Barta


Great people making great food. Luna Rey is my favorite local business. -- Josh Lower