All About the D's

When we aren't hard at work making yummy granola, we are either hard at work at our day jobs as researchers/writers or enjoying ourselves around town. In fact, we met on the job 12 years ago! Diane admittedly had a crush on David for a long time (but believes she didn't make TOO much of a spectacle of herself with said crush) before he responded in turn. But things eventually worked themselves out the way they were supposed to, and now we are a very happy family! Diane, David, our cats Minnie and Vinnie, and Diane's two wonderful sons Salvador and Julian. 

Fun stuff equals going to the Alamo Drafthouse, drinking cocktails, traveling, listening to music, eating eating eating, reading, and watching movies at home.  David likes watching football with an affinity for poorly performing teams (sorry David), Diane likes playing Rock Band, we ALL like watching the Spurs! 

As for traveling, we've both been to and enjoyed various places in Latin America, and we have another big trip planned there soon! We'll be spending our belated honeymoon in NICARAGUA!! So exciting. We'll have to tell you all about it when we get back. Slide show with jell-o salad and hot dogs at our house! ;-)

David puts up with Diane's various whims, and there's always something cooking in her mind. Most recently, we did a week of veganism. It was a great success, in Diane's mind! Maybe not so much in David's mind. He was even busted sneaking a wedge of Parmesan cheese in his lunch bag one day. The idea of a plant-based diet is so appealing. But then again, so are the shakes at Hopdoddy.

So there you have it: a brief introduction to our lives (beyond granola). Now we've got to go -- we've got grains to toast!