Decisions, decisions

I love our customers!! We're getting some wonderful comments, now that I've put it out there that we're collecting testimonials. 

One extra-rad fellow, Josh, has even given us FOUR to choose from! I have to say that selecting just one was a huge challenge. They all made me smile. I hope they do so for you, too:

Diane and David can proudly name every carefully-selected, organic ingredient in Luna Rey granola, but if they told me it was made from cat hair and sawdust I’d still eat it. It’s that good.
I love Luna Rey granola. Love it. Possibly too much. If some laws get changed I might marry it.
I’m considering giving up beer so I can eat Luna Rey granola for every meal.
Great people making great food. Luna Rey is my favorite local business.

Hmm, maybe we'll need to make t-shirts and coffee mugs just so we can put these remarks in print! ;-)