If I had a nickel for every time somebody complimented our granola...

Well, to be honest, we'd probably be in pretty much the same boat financially, but it always thrills us to hear that folks like our products! It's one of the primary drivers of our business, keeping us going when our arms are sore from mixing large batches or when, on a weekend morning, we have to get up and go to the market even though we're kinda feeling like spending the time cuddling with our cats in bed. It goes back to my lifelong love of cooking, of creating something delicious that others can enjoy, of seeing that enjoyment light up their faces.

We've received lots of great feedback over the past couple of years, and we're now ready to share some of it with others! So keep an eye on our newest page, where some of our greatest and coolest customers chime in with their comments. 

Thanks to everybody who has had any part of our business, from coming up with new ideas to buying products to visiting us at the market to giving us encouragement. We appreciate all of you!